Thursday, October 1, 2009


  • The Tall One texted "how are u?" to me early last week. I ignored it. On Saturday, he texted "U still mad at me?" and I replied "I'm not mad...just done." Without any hesitation, he sent back "OK have a nice life." *sigh* Addicts never cease to amaze. I seriously doubt I've heard the last of him, but I hope I have.

  • I will be traveling out of town again this weekend. This makes 4 fun trips in 3 months - which is unheard of for me! I'm loving every second of it...but, even though all of these trips have been on the cheap, my wallet is crying "uncle"!!

  • All this travel has really pointed out how pathetic my wardrobe is. Anyone who wants to contribute to the Well-Dressed Violet fund is welcome and will be thanked profusely.

  • And yet, I will manage to overpack. Especially shoes.

  • I just thought of an unknown fact about me: I don't eat chocolate candy when it's cold. Chocolate cake, sure. Brownies, absolutely. (mmmmm, brownies!!!) But in the winter chocolate gets too cold and doesn't melt in my mouth and that detracts so much from my enjoyment of it that I'd rather not eat it at all. Farewell, chocolate - I will dream of our reunion next May.


  1. best way to handle tall will hurt for a bit pain gain

  2. I always overpack shoes (and don't really mind). Wow, I can't comprehend not eating chocolate until May. Have fun on your trip.

  3. Over packing is my specialty!

  4. I think overpacking goes hand in hand with nothing to wear--it does make sense in a weird way. I think you're being wise on the TO, but no chocolate...hmmmm...

  5. Oh my God, you're killing me, woman! No chocolate??? What... when... WHY would you do this to me- er... you?!??

    On the other hand, I absolutely detest text messages like that. I don't know The Tall One, but when I see text messages like that, it feels like that person is selfishly trying to get attention. It just brings unnecessary drama. And it's plain rude.

    Okay, I'm done now.

    Have fun on your next trip!

  6. wow. the winter-solstice chocolate diet. i'll give it a try.

    i hear ya on the brokeness. WOW. am i ever poor.

  7. I need new clothes too. Let's go shopping! =)

    And gotta love rude sarcastic texts. Such an easy out way of... I don't know... manning up and actually communicating in an adult way, dude.

    I also vote "ignore". It annoys them to no end.

  8. I'm here getting caught up on a week's worth of blog reading, now that I can actually sit up on the couch without my head exploding!!!! Happy Saturday!

  9. I have 3 pair of shoes in my desk and two in the condo and untold numbers in my own house. It's impossible to NOT overpack shoes.

  10. I took 6 pairs of shoes, including the ones I was wearing. I wore exactly one pair. Himself loves to tease and he gave me such a hard time about how much I packed: "honey, we're only here for two nights!" But I had to be prepared for all contingencies, right??

    Trey, there's been no pain in letting the Tall One go, which surprises me. He pops into my head every once in a while but I guess I've really closed that door.