Friday, October 9, 2009

Wrong number - the next generation

Text message received at 9:23 p.m. last night:

hey jordan told me 2 tell u tht he doesnt like emily she hangs on him & he tries 2 get her off im helpin wit it but he doesnt like her he told me 2 tell u & make sure ur not mad at him

1 - I don't know anyone named Jordan.

2 - I'm not mad at him.

3 - I don't know anyone named Emily.

4 - She sounds lovely (and maybe a little kinky).

5 - I'm not surprised Jordan doesn't like Emily - guys don't really like it when a girl hangs on them.

6 - If Jordan "tries 2 get her off" it's no wonder Emily likes Jordan, though...but he may be sending mixed signals.

7 - Since this message wasn't for me, I am DYING to know who 'u' is and if there is mass confusion at school today.

8 - I am also curious if this is the same sender who wanted to know what time the game was and if it was home or away last Friday.


  1. hahaha! i love your analyzation. i concur with those statements. emily needs to STEP OFF jordan's grill and read some He's Just Not That Into You

  2. Emily needs to CALM DOWN. And what the hell? To not know if the football game is home or away (and have to text someone to find out) is asinine....these are things YOU must know.

  3. That is pretty funny stuff--I feel like passing Emily a note in the hallway before English class.

  4. I saw Emily in the call and she was all like, you know and I was all like, okay. So then I told Jordan about it he was all like, she needs to step off...and I was all I know right...

    And my my mom is being really lame-o, she won't check about the game on Friday and stuff. Like I'm supposed know EVERYTHING...omg...

    Mary Alice

  5. Snirk. I wonder if she's still mad.

  6. Text back "Tell him I'm pissed". But don't use capitalization or punctuation - that's a dead giveaway you’re "old"!