Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Grace in Small Things #14

1. Getting a very nice email from the big boss in which he thanked me for my professionalism and commitment to the organization after learning of a pending change that he knew would make me unhappy.

2. The Hershey Special Dark chocolate bar I enjoyed this morning. Yes, I know I said I don't eat chocolate when it's cold. Apparently, it's not cold enough yet...and chocolate was just the thing after the unhappy work news.

3. A quiet date with Mary Alice - just pizza, Dancing with the Stars, and conversation.

4. My wonderful, loving friends. They listen patiently as I ramble on and on about whatever is on my mind (*cough*Himself*cough*) and never seem to get bored or annoyed.

5. New shoes - a sweet little find at less than half the original price. They're just cute little Skechers but now I have something casual to wear besides Birks or my clompy, grass-stained Brooks. Besides, the S is sparkly!


  1. CUTE shoes! I'm glad you had good things--esp. the email from your boss.

  2. I like sparkly S's. Those are cute shoes.

  3. You guys have NO idea. She totally knocked one out of the park!!!

    Mary Alice

  4. Greenie - the boss is a good man who does a good job of praising his employees. Makes it a nicer place to work.

    FL - I didn't notice the sparkly S until I got them home...bonus!!

    Mary Alice - SMOOCH