Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Grace in Small Things #16

It’s been one of those days. As if the Himself sitch wasn't enough, work has sucked golfballs the last few weeks (yeah, pretty much ever since the praise from the boss). I need to force myself to find the sunbeam…

+ Warm feet. It took me 44 years to appreciate the value of wearing slippers but I finally get it.

+ Being told that my oldest niece brags about having pretty hands “like Auntie Vi.”

+ Noticing teeny, tiny little improvements in my energy level now that I’ve been going to the gym for a month. And maybe even some upper arm strength - I didn't even know I had arm muscles.

+ Knowing that I have options and k
nowing that I can take all the time I want to consider each and every one.

+ Chocolate chip cookies.

+ The security and comfort of unconditional love. I have two sisters and one best friend who always listen, always respect how I feel (even when it's the 17th day in a row when I've felt pouty and mad and stupid and weepy), and always respond with loving honesty.

It's amazing how quickly this little exercise works...oh, look - there's the sun!


  1. keep pluggin......just step away from the chocolate chip cookies!!

  2. Keep going - it gets better and better!

  3. Slippers! The adoration of your niece! Arm muscles! Vi, all these things trump some jerk wad guy. And I'm proud of you for coming up with a list when you didn't particularly want to.

  4. Slippers are a great thing....I never stay home without em!

  5. Chocolate chip cookies...a to the men.

  6. Can I just echo everything that Green Girl said?

  7. Trey - the chocolate chip cookies are keeping me on *this* side of crazy right now...maybe it's a girl thing. ;)

    Fannie - I'm learning that you are right! I had a good workout yesterday, I love it when that happens.

    Thanks, Greenie - my head knows you are right. Making the list is part of the work to get my head on the same page.

    Julie - I hate wearing shoes and/or socks so this is a huge concession...but a good one!

    Lindy - high five, sister!

    Stephanie - Yeah, ok, fine! I know, I guys are right. I'll get there.