Monday, November 9, 2009

Manic Monday #188

What does it mean to you to have courage? The definition of courage I like is being afraid but doing it (whatever it is) anyway. We all have opportunities to act when it would be easier to do nothing. In my life, I think courage is taking the risk of speaking up or standing up when I'd much rather go unnoticed. Right now, I'm searching for the courage to cause myself pain. I know severing the relationship with Himself is the only way for me to survive but, BOY, is it going to hurt!

Is your favorite time the past, present or the future? I wish I could say the present because it is the only place we ever really are but I have always looked to the future. The past is gone; my present has been unsatisfying for a long time. The future always holds the promise of happier days.

What makes you a good person? I could list a lot of virtues but I think it all boils down to the fact that I believe people are good and nice and trying to do the right thing. I trust people. I expect the best from people. Sure, that means that I'm often let down...but people often surprise me with their goodness, too.


  1. Yeah ..... not fun... Im sorry darlin... reality check is good.....if he says he cant do it then take that as it wasnt supposed to be....realism HAS to win out over fantasy...he lives far away...... dont give up ..but let himself go.....

  2. I'm a future girl too.
    Here's to your courage--and future bliss.

  3. Trey - realism HAS to win out over fantasy...wise words. thanks.

    Greenie - future bliss is something wonderful to work toward.