Thursday, September 9, 2010

New life in suspension

  • I moved 35 days ago.

  • Mary Alice left 31 days ago.

  • In the time since, with the exception of two lovely visits from Himself (ah, what a complicated situation that is!) I have not seen anyone I know. That’s an odd thing to consider, isn’t it? When was the last time you went for any length of time without setting eyes on someone who cares about you?

  • For the most part, I have been contentedly alone and not lonely.

  • I watch too much tv, which is a real feat considering it is summer and the cable listings are a collection of 17,000 channels full of nothing.

  • I am madly in love with Weeds.

  • I have applied for at least one job a day.

  • I have gone on three interviews and turned down one. ($10.50 an hour for a position with supervisory responsibility?? You gotta be kidding me.)

  • Organization #1 did not select me. Most likely because I am WAY overqualified for the job but it still irks me to see the big “come work for us!” sign on the side of their building.

  • Organization #2 closed the search “due to unforeseen circumstances.” I tried really hard not to, but I wanted that job. I would have been great at it.

  • I hope to hear from Organization #3 soon. I just interviewed with them yesterday. It is temp work but that’s cool for now.

  • My interest in quilting is coming back. It's about time.

  • I have not had pizza. (Tombstone doesn’t count.) (Tombstone hasn't been the same since Kraft bought the company, but that's a rant for another day.)

  • I have not had Chinese food. (Frozen P.F. Chang’s doesn’t count. It’s pretty tasty, by the way.)

  • I just had Mexican yesterday for the first time since the move. (Fish tacos from D’Leon’s, which were yummy.)

  • I have eaten more eggs in the last month than probably in the last year. I am having a crazy love affair with eggs over-easy.

  • Good thing my cholesterol is quite low.

  • I couldn’t have chosen a location farther from everything in Lincoln. Everything I want and/or need is on the other side of town.

  • A thousand blessings on the person who invented Mapquest.

  • Good thing I enjoy driving.

  • I need to work because I am running out of money.

  • I also need to work because I am (very slowly) running out of contented aloneness.

  • Neither of those things is causing any real anxiety. I have no idea why.

  • My apartment faces west and that makes me very happy. I like watching the weather come.

  • And if someone can make the guy upstairs stop stomping around every. damn. night. between 10 p.m. and midnight, I will make cake balls for you.


  1. I hope a job comes soon. I love my eggs OE, too. I dip my toast in the yolk. YUM!
    I'm praying about that job TODAY.

  2. I have to confess you have me terribly curious about the whole Himself situation...

    And I'm on my way to earn those cake balls! ;)

  3. Good luck on the job front!

    I also enjoy watching the weather come in. Something very medicinal about it.

  4. I'm sure something will pan out work-wise soon!