Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Bits and Bobs

I don't tweet but I have had lots of thoughts recently that I then thought would make good twitters (tweets? twits? chirps?). These are some of them:

I heard The Young and the Restless theme song (also known as "Nadia's Theme") just now. I cannot stand Y&R plus I am usually at work at this time of day, so it has been years and years since I heard it. I had forgotten what a pretty song it is.

Honeycrisp apples - yum!!

My parents were here this weekend. Good visit but it didn't go completely unmarred. Friday night, my mother said, "I am proud of you for cleaning the kitchen before you go to bed." Yes, she really did. *sigh*

Looks like I will start a temp job very soon. I want to get back to work - I need to make money and I need to fill my days - but part of me is sorry this "empty" time is coming to an end.

I love to read but I also love books themselves.

I found a little article in Midwest Living about cake balls. I am inspired to try new flavor combinations!

What's in your head today?


  1. Pudding. My head is filled with pudding. Chocolate, banana, vanilla, tapioca...

  2. Cake balls? Never heard of such a creature!
    I'm filled with all the busyness of fall.
    Yay for a new job!!!

  3. Apples. Apples are on my mind. It's that time of year and I'll probably go through 100 pounds of apples in the next 6 weeks or so. Applesauce, apple pie, apple muffins, etc.

    Christmas is on my mind too. Not shopping per se, but decorations. Specifically, little putz houses, which are 3" tall houses made of cardboard, then painted and decorated. Put a group together and you have a winter wonderland. I have four in various stages of readiness...

    Boots too are on my mind. I can't find the right pair that fits over my calves and also does not cost $300.

    As for cake balls, I've heard of them but never eaten them. One day...

  4. Mine is filled with thoughts about FINALLY being able to go back to work next week, after 4 weeks off following foot surgery. I am SO ready to get back into the groove!

  5. I want to try making cake balls - post the recipe if it's a good one!