Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Bright spots

1. the view from my balcony at dusk this evening

The temp agency woman who interviewed me today said I have an engaging personality. I am probably inordinately pleased by that. Hey, I'll take what I can get! (Now, put me and my personality to work!)

A BIG storm blew through Monday evening. I was standing on my balcony, watching the clouds roll in. A neighbor - who I had not met or even seen before - parked her car and walked toward the building. She called up to me, "Looks like a wild night." I replied, "Sure does!" She said, "I'm in 113 - come on down if it gets bad and you would feel safer on the first floor." How nice is that?


  1. Oh! What NICE things for you! I totally believe #2--and to meet a friendly neighbor is always a blessing.

  2. ALL true Midwesterners stand on the balcony to watch the strom roll in!!!

  3. Lovely photo AND lovely neighbor! I'm always shocked by the kindness of neighbors in states other than California. We're just not very nice, I guess.