Saturday, July 31, 2010


1989 - Mahomet, IL, to Champaign, IL
1992 - Champaign, IL, to Urbana, IL
1994 - Urbana, IL, to Urbana, IL (yep, you read it correctly)
1994 - Urbana, IL, to De Soto, IL
1997 - De Soto, IL, to Streator, IL
1998 - Streator, IL, to Urbana, IL
2000 - Urbana, IL, to Bloomington, IL
2003 - Bloomington, IL, to Tolono, IL
2008 - Tolono, IL, to Urbana, IL
2010 - Urbana, IL, to Lincoln, NE

10 moves in 20 years.


Do we need any more proof that I am nuttier than a Baby Ruth bar?

Nope, didn't think so.


  1. Some people just like to move around.

    Doesn't mean they're nutty.



  2. Are you done with Urbana? Because you have moved there and within there four times.

    *cue The Wanderer

  3. How will the winters be in Nebraska compared to Illinois?

  4. And *I* helped!

    Mary Alice