Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Deep sigh

So I was chatting on the phone with my parents. I was telling them that Himself passed the final licensing exam in his profession. (YAY!!) Unfortunately, he procrastinated this exam to the point that now he is anxiously waiting to see if the paperwork gets processed with the proper entities by June 30. If it is not processed by then, he will have to reapply for approval to serve the bulk of his current clientele. It's not a huge deal but would be a hassle for him.

I told my parents that Himself acknowledges that if he loses approval, he only has himself to blame. My mother said,

Well, you can certainly appreciate that. Who knows how many degrees you would have by now if you hadn't screwed up when you were 18 and going to college on our dime?

Did I mention this phone call was on Mother's Day?


  1. Deep sigh? I'd be cursing deep in my throat!

  2. It's amazing how quick words can come out of our parents' mouths but how long they stay with US. I can only hope I bite my tongue with my own daughter when she is grown.

  3. I thought I left a comment your post from the other day (but didn't), so this is late: You are one brave woman! As for your mother...I got nothin'. Wow.