Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Stolen from TMI Tuesday:
  1. Who and when was your first crush? Celebrity - Mark Spitz, 1972. I thought he was the most glamourous person I had ever seen, with that mustache and those Speedos! Real boy - Paul S., 1973. He started at my school in the middle of the year. When he walked in the classroom door for the first time, the angels sang and the heavens shone down upon him. I had a HUGE crush on him all the way through high school. I would probably be tongue-tied and awkward even now, 35 (holy crap) years later.
  2. Who and when was your first date? Rob A., 1980. He was a year older than I, had gorgeous, huge brown eyes with long, dark lashes, and a big, infectious laugh. He was the best kind of nerd, and so much fun. He took me to Bubby and Zadie's and I was so excited that I could only eat half of my tuna salad on a bagel.
  3. Who and when was your first kiss? Maybe Nicky M., circa 1974. I don't remember my first kiss (what does that say about me or it??) but I know that I kissed Nicky (who was WAY shorter than I) a lot for a couple of summers at the lake.
  4. Who and when was your first partner while "fooling around" in car? (Those quotation marks are making me nervous, so let me say that my definition of "fooling around" is making out/mashing/necking. I was a good girl...mostly.) Probably Rob A., probably 1980. He had an old car with a bench seat. The latch on the passenger end of the seat was broken, so the seat would glide back and forth as he drove around corners. It was a fun car. LOL
  5. Who and when was your first partner while "fooling around" in a house? Chuck B., 1981. He gave me his Eagle Scout ring before he left for a summer internship at the state capitol, isn't that the sweetest thing? We reconnected a couple years after high school and almost started dating again until another guy distracted me. I've often wondered what might have happened with Chuck if Jeff hadn't come along.
  6. Who and when was your first love? David R., 1981. Wow I really had a thing for nerds in high school! We had so much fun together, even though he was a horrible kisser when we started dating. I helped him improve his technique - I wonder if his wife ever thanks me??

I haven't thought about these guys in a long time. Nice boys, every single one of them - I hope they are all healthy and happy. :)

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  1. We have the same definition of "fooling around"...it's probably today's equivalent to holding hands.