Monday, December 22, 2008

ABC Meme

Accent: I live in the middle, I don’t have an accent. People from the south think I come from Wisconsin; a Canadian friend liked my “southern” accent.

Breakfast: McSkillet Burrito and sweet tea. This will change in two weeks, when I will eat bran flakes and skim milk. Heh.

Chore: Least favorite – washing dishes. Closest to a favorite – laundry.

Dog or Cat: Dog, but I am currently dogless. I like cats but I am allergic to them.

Essential Electronic: Phone because I like hearing the voices of the people I love; computer because it is the source of entertainment, information, shopping, contact, etc.

Favorite Cologne: Beautiful. I’ve been wearing it since 1991 and haven’t found anything else I like as well.

Gold or Silver: Only silver or white gold.

Handbag: I love Vera Bradley. I just wish there were more styles available in basic black.

Insomnia: Almost never. My brain chooses sleep when I am stressed. I’m lucky that way, I know – I may be stressed but I’m well-rested!

Job Title: Office manager. Fear me.

Kids: I am childless.

Living Arrangement: Me, myself, and I live in a cute duplex.

Most Admirable Trait: I am optimistic.

Naughtiest Childhood Habit: I was a big liar, even though my parents always found me out…often because I couldn’t stand the guilt and ‘fessed up. I always got in bigger trouble for lying than for whatever I had done. Funny thing is, now I always tell the truth and it’s very difficult to make me feel guilty.

Overnight Hospital Stay: 2 or 3 before I was 5; 2 in the last 18 months; 1 scheduled for Feb. ’09; hopefully never again.

Phobia: I don’t think I have any true phobias but I do have several things that give me the major icks. Like june bugs or walking barefoot in mucky stuff (i.e., the bottom of a lake).

Quote: "Do or not do. There is no try.” Yoda

Reason To Smile: God loves me.

Siblings: Two sisters, both younger, both so much cooler than I will ever be.

Time To Wake Up: Alarm goes off at 6, I get up at 6:30.

Unusual Talent: I can do accents pretty well.

Vegetable I refuse to eat: Brussels sprouts. Gross.

Worst Habit: Impatience.

X-rays: Next week – post-op for R. knee replacement, pre-op for L. knee.

Yummy Stuff: Cake, chocolate chip cookies, sugar snap peas, mashed potatoes, good sharp cheddar cheese, homemade pico de gallo with lots of cilantro, pizza, Mom’s divinity, this list could go on forever.

Zoo Animal I Like The Most: Giraffe. They have the same number of vertebra that humans do.


  1. Thanks for stopping by. I don't know what this wintery horseshit is going to be like, but I do know that if it keeps me away from my five Christmases, I will be appreciative.

  2. I like the giraffe's cousin, the okapi. I actually own a herd..... on my dresser.....well of stuffed ones....