Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Solid employment, health insurance and a retirement plan
Mary Alice – the best friend ever. Eh. ver.
M.A.’s husband, Brick* - he always makes me feel loved
My capacity to love
Knee replacement surgery
My cute little house
My parents – they have answered every single call and gone way beyond when I needed it
4 nieces and 1 nephew – the best-looking, smartest, coolest kids on the planet
2 sisters and brothers-in-law – they do an incredible job of keeping me real to the nieces and nephew even though they live forever away
Mashed potatoes
Cell phones
Tall, dark, handsome, unbelievably amazing Himself* – we’ll talk about Himself one of these days when I get control of the stars in my eyes
My hair stylist
The friends who constantly, consistently give their love, insight, support and encouragement – I am in awe of them
The lessons God puts in my path – hopefully I’m learning and growing
Hot water and forced air heat
Computers and the Internet
The garbage can fairy
Nice fingernails
Greeting cards
Digital cameras
Fresh pineapple
Friendly people
Opportunities to serve others

Music, movies, books, television

* names have been changed to protect the not-even-remotely innocent

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