Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Meme stolen from the Hotfessional

The Hotfessional (my newest girl crush *blush*) stole this meme and I love memes (even though I don't know what 'meme' means) so I stole it from her...
  1. Clothes: as comfortable as possible. Unfortunately, this often clashes with my desire to be sexy. Himself doesn't seem to mind as long as the neckline reveals plenty of landscape.
  2. Furniture: comfortable but aging. My couch is 11 years old and is showing her age, poor thing. She sags and her edges are beginning to fray. The couch, people, the couch!
  3. Sweet: Himself. Ours is currently a difficult tale of star-crossed lovers but he is the only sugar I want.
  4. City: Chicago...the skyline, the lakefront, the Cubs, the Bears (but NOT the new Soldier Field), the three-flats, the Frank Lloyd Wright architecture...
  5. Drink: not often enough, whether we are talking about liquor or water. I'm often a parched violet.
  6. Music: this week it's Abba. Their music is so peppy, so major-key, so happy...until you pay attention to the lyrics. I love music and can appreciate almost anything but I generally listen to the music of my yoot and classic rock.
  7. TV Series: Jon & Kate Plus 8. Many say that Kate is a bitch but after watching every single minute of their series (dear God, please send many blessings on the person who invented the DVR), I have decided that she is a control freak, a germophobe, and afraid of way too many things, but she is not a bitch. She is obviously in love with Jon and they have a great vibe.
  8. Film: The Quiet Man (guess who figured out how to do links? heh.). I don't like westerns so I never saw it (John Wayne = western, right? right.) until M.A. forced me to watch it earlier this year. Oh. My. Stars. How did I not know that John Wayne was unspeakably sexy?? And that scene where they break the bed? I couldn't breathe for a week.
  9. Workout: currently just post-total knee replacement exercises and physical therapy. I can't wait until next summer, when both knees should be in great shape and I can walk, hike, festivalize, fair-go, and parkate. I dream of going to the ball park with Himself, too, and am looking forward to more yoga classes.
  10. Pastries: You can have all of that flaky pastry dough. I'm a cake girl. mmmm, cake.
  11. Coffee: I like a little coffee with my cream and sugar.


  1. I am currently hooked - - ADDICTED, actually - - to the NCIS TV series. I can't seem to get enough of it!

    As for sweets, well - - I understand where you are coming from. Mr. Dizzy is the ONLY sugar I want, now and forever more . . . :-)

  2. I love meme's too, can I steal this one from you? I love your are so straight forward and interesting! I'm putting you on my blog roll....I can tell what book you've been reading...won't say! (at least i have a hunch!)

  3. Steal away, girlie-o! Anyone who is so complimentary can have anything they want. ;)

    I'm so curious now - what book do you think I'm reading? Hopefully it's something much more urbane than what's actually on my bedside table.

    BTW, I was up in your neighborhood for Thanksgiving. My sister is temporarily living in in the area with her in-laws. :)