Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Dipping my toe in the bloggy waters

I have become addicted to reading blogs. So many people are witty and clever and interesting and I like nothing more than surfing from blog to blog to see what everyone has to say. OK, I like eating cake more...and talking to the one who I hope is The One...and attending college football games (go Illini!)...fine, there are lots of things I like more than surfing blogs but it's right up there.

"Violet," I eventually said to myself, "you're witty and clever and (you think you are) interesting. You should have your own blog!" Inevitable, right? So here I am.

This space will probably be a combination of random thoughts (why does the Secret Service use codewords for the members of the First Family if those codewords are public knowledge??) and introducing myself in the most witty, clever, interesting way I know how.

I was going to promise that there will not be a plethora of parenthetical comments, but I can't. Something tells me there will be.

1 comment:

  1. Hi, I saw you're name on Derfwad blog and Just wanted to tell you that my middle name is Violet and I named my daught er Violet. I think its my fav name! Good luck with your new blog. I believe everybod had a story and it should be told.