Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Tall One and the Violet, Part One

Sounds like a romance novel from 25 years ago, doesn’t it? I’m picturing a ridiculously beautiful woman with ridiculously long, ridiculously flowing curly red hair (let a girl dream, mmm-k?) against a lavender gown with a ridiculously low-cut, lace-trimmed bodice swooning in the arms of a ridiculously tall Fabio-esque gentleman (only in this novel, Fabio sports a high-and-tight rather than his usual long golden locks). But let's get to the story, shall we?

Editor's note: this story may make Violet appear naive and, dare we say, stupid. This is not the case. Violet has an accepting heart and a non-judgmental mind and sometimes she trusts too easily *see below*. She generally sees the best in everyone and she recognizes that sometimes this leads to actions and outcomes that hurt her and/or that others don't understand. She doesn't care; she wouldn't change anything about her self (her body is a different story, but that's not relevant here).

Once upon a time, a girl who calls herself Violet was a member of the online dating community. At the recommendation of a friend, she joined a new (to her) dating site and was whiling away a cold winter evening by exploring the site’s nooks and crannies. Suddenly, someone said 'hi' via the site’s instant messaging. She almost didn’t respond when she noticed where he was from but since she was new there, and since she’s not afraid of trying new things (and since he lived closer to her than any of the other guys she had thus far “met” online), she said hi back. They chatted online for a while and then the fellow, a tall and good-looking guy we’ll call the Tall One, asked if he could call her. She said yes.

He called. They talked. They laughed. They batted much flirtatious banter back and forth. He asked her out on a date. In real life. In person. In 6 days! She said yes.

During the next 4 days, the Tall One called her at least once a day and really poured on the charm. Violet had never in her life experienced such attention and she reveled in it.

On Day 5, the Tall One called Violet during the day (on her cell phone. She may trust too easily *see below* but she is not a complete idiot). He apologized for calling her at work but explained that there was a family emergency and he didn't know if he would be in town the next day to keep their date. He said he didn't want to wait to meet her and asked if he could take her out that very night instead. Violet breathlessly said yes, hung up the phone, and announced to her office mates that "the date is TONIGHT!!!" They kindly (and wisely, as they knew her head would not be in her work) sent her home early to primp.

That evening, Violet allowed the Tall One to pick her up at her apartment. (*below* Violet is a savvy, quite intelligent girl but perhaps occasionally trusts too easily.) Boy, was he tall! And easy to be with – they went out for a casual dinner and talked and teased like longtime friends. She found the Tall One ever so attractive and there was definitely sexual tension in the air. He had a beer with dinner and another as they sat at the table enjoying each other's company. He asked her if the second beer was all right with her, which she thought was an odd question but figured maybe he was just being ultra-polite.

When they left the restaurant, he took her hand and didn’t let go. He drove her home and she let him come inside. There was kissing. He asked her out for a second date. She said yes.

The second date was similar to the first: he picked her up, took her out for dinner, they laughed, they joked, they flirted, they went back to her place and made out like a couple of high school kids in the band closet. The major difference between the two dates was that this time the Tall One brought a six-pack of beer with him. Violet thought that was odd, but since she’s not much of a drinker and doesn’t really spend any time around people who are, she thought perhaps this is how normal social drinkers do things.

During the next few days, the phone calls continued like before. Violet allowed herself to dream…to believe in the possibilities…to hope. And then the phone calls stopped.

But that’s not even close to the end of this story…


  1. Oh. I think I know where this is going and I want so badly to keep reading... and to cover my eyes at the same time.

  2. You said you didnt like the grudge!!LOL

  3. Blech, not good - and yet I want to hear the rest!

  4. Depends on what kind of beer he drinks.... :)

    I agree with Chocolate and Whine - want to know more yet am afraid to know more.

  5. Loving the first part!

    Anxiously awaiting the rest! =)

  6. They made out like a couple of kids in the Band Closet?
    Violet, even if this has a bad ending, your writing is incredibly entertaining stuff. Truly.

  7. Oh boy. So far, I've dated this guy...keep talking.