Saturday, January 10, 2009

I'm a real blogger now!

Whee!! That sweetie Merrily gave me my first ever blog award! Check her out - she's my latest girl crush. I'm tickled pink, so I guess mine is pink lemonade. HEE!! (I have to admit to a certain level of blog award envy up 'til now.) I can't wait to spend hours figuring out how to put the award icon thingy on my sidebar. Thanks, Merrily, you're a peach! (She lives in Georgia - I crack me up.)
So to be in compliance with the rules of the deal, I am pleased to highlight these five bloggers - all totally cool, all so funny, all witty and clever and interesting and the reason I started this madness:

1. Emily at Blond and Blithe reached out her hand to this newbie blogger and made me feel more comfortable in this environment. She's an artist, which I admire and envy. She has this winter white love thing going now, which just makes me shiver, but I heart her anyway.

2. Stephanie at Chocolate and Whine keeps posting pics of the most delicious-looking cookies...and the recipes...which may kill me. But I'll die very happy.

3. HeyLola just cracks me up. And she's single, like me (I seem to have trouble finding blogs by other single women who are not young enough to be my daughters.) And she's an artist (see #1). And I just discovered she's less than 2 hours from me! Rock on - another cool chick here in the middle!

4. Big Pissy at the Southern Circle of Hell. She's cute as a button but I think I'm a little bit afraid of her. With a name like that, who wouldn't be?

5. Ivy at Twisting Ivy is so me, only a handful of years younger...but more savvy and smart than I was at that age. Probably cuter, too. Definitely more articulate. OK, she's just who I wish I was then (and now...) but leave me with my dreams, people!

Smooches to all y'all fabulous women!


  1. You're such a sweetheart! Thank you! And congratulations!

  2. Congrats!

    And wow! No way!! Thank you =D

  3. I've known "Hey Lola" for years, and she is an absolutely delightful person! If you ever get to Peoria and meet her, you will love her forever! (And yes, she's just as entertaining in real life as she is on her blog - - maybe even more so) :-)

  4. Oh man...I'm totally showing up at your house for dinner. I'll be all "I have special dietary needs!" and you'll be all, "But I didn't ask you over for dinner!" and I'll be all, "But you said you loved me on your blog and we're practically neighbors and I'm really hungry!" and you'll be like, "I NEVER said I loved you!" and my feelings are going to be really hurt...I don't know. I don't know how much longer I can go on this way with you. It's such an emotional rollercoaster.

  5. No, Stephanie - thank you!

    Way, Ivy. That's exactly how I felt. lol

    Lizzy, maybe you can set us up on a blind date. (She's not really blind, though, is she?)

    Jessica - I am a wild ride...and I do love you. Really. I do. I promise. For realz.

  6. Congrats!!! Having my first blog for just over two weeks, I am excited just to see someone read my stuff. Congrats again!!!

  7. Hi Violet! Thanks for stopping by my bloggy paradise. I lived in MA the first 49 years of my life, so I feel like I deserve to live in warm sunshine for the rest of my life!

  8. Thank you so much for the encouraging words in battle with the smokes... I really appreciate it. Three weeks... I can do three weeks.

  9. Ivy is pretty rockin! *L*...but you sound pretty rocking yourself! Keep on Keepin on!

  10. Aw....thanks! and congrats on receiving the award! :)