Thursday, November 1, 2012

Balancing Act

My days are suddenly full. Since I started back to college last January until a few weeks ago, my only responsibilities were school and singing with the church choir (and the occasional solo). During the summer and early fall, I helped a friend plan a charity walk but that didn’t take much of my time. My life’s scale was fairly level.

A few weeks ago, I agreed to go back to work, part-time and temporarily, at my old job to help them through their busy time. This semester is charging toward finals week and I am starting to feel the pressure of class projects that are due at the end of November. (I am finding there are not a lot of big tests in my major; instead, we have projects. Makes sense, given the creative nature of hospitality and event planning, but I’d rather take a test. Call me lazy.) In addition to my regularly-scheduled obligations and the increased volume of school work, there are a number of other unanticipated items I need to fit in. I am at the point where if it isn't on my calendar, it won't get done because there are so many things demanding my attention that I am likely to forget anything that isn't written down. I am even scheduling time for laundry and housecleaning. (Laundry gets done, at least well enough to keep me decent in public, but housekeeping is hit or miss. Mostly miss.)

It feels like 17 new things get added to my To Do stack every day. I feel out of balance and possessive of my free time. I need to fulfill my responsibilities and I want to socialize with my friends, but I know that if I don’t have some down time, too, I will go a little bonkers.

With that in mind, I am instituting Solitary Saturday. From the time I get home this Friday evening until I go to church on Sunday morning, I will not leave the house. I will sleep in, and maybe even lollygag in bed once I do wake up. I will probably answer the phone if Caller ID announces a select few loved ones but anybody else is definitely SOL. (Hear that, politicians?) I will be productive because I have to be, but it will focus on housework rather than homework. Solitary Saturday will also include plenty of “wasted” time. I mean, c’mon, my DVR, my Pinterest (aka Internet crack) account, and Pogo need love, too.

Oooh, I just realized that I even get an extra hour Saturday night! Whether I will spend that hour awake or asleep it yet to be determined.

Intentionally moving to the other side of the scale for 24 hours will rejuvenate me. Heck, just knowing Solitary Saturday is coming centers me. I am an extrovert and definitely a social person but I need time away from the world, too, and Solitary Saturday is the counterweight to all of my busy-ness.

What do you do when life gets unbalanced? Do you take time for yourself or do you find it hard to do?

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  1. I run or walk every day, almost without fail. It's 30-60 minutes of Me time that I can use to get my head on straight.