Sunday, June 20, 2010

Play Ball!

This weekend marks the opening of the 2010 College World Series. I am not a baseball fan but Himself loves the CWS and I've gotten sucked in. At first, I thought I would just pay enough attention to know what he was talking about but, two years ago when we were getting to know each other, I found myself actually watching the games and picking favorites. Same thing last year and again this year. There's something about college sports that is so much more interesting to me than professional - college sports have heart and pageantry and a desire to win for winning's sake. When I visited Omaha in April, I made sure that Himself drove me to Rosenblatt Stadium so I could see it for myself.

This is the last year the CWS will be held at Rosenblatt. Omaha is building a fabulous new stadium and I plan to attend CWS games as a Nebraskan in years to come, but I am sad that I missed the chance to take in a game at Rosenblatt.

Coincidentally, life threw me another curve ball last week. It has to do with Himself and it has changed the landscape of our relationship forever. It's so big that I haven't wrapped my head around it and I can't bring myself to tell you about it yet.

I am still moving to Lincoln and I am still talking to Himself but a dream has been destroyed and things will never be the same.

In other news:

I gave my notice at the grocery store. My last day will be next Friday. I have to work at my full-time job on Saturday, so let this be notice to the world that on Sunday, June 28, I plan to do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. If I hadn't stayed home sick ** on Tuesday and Wednesday, I would have worked 34 days in a row at one or both jobs, including the 90-hour week in Chicago. Oy. It's official - I am not a workaholic.

On Friday, my boss practically begged me to stay. He offered several things but no guarantee of money ("we'll try..."). It was great to hear the complimentary things he said about me and my work but it really only reaffirmed my conviction to move to Lincoln. Even the new state of affairs with Himself has not lessened Nebraska's pull.

** I called in "sick" on Tuesday, planning to take an unscheduled mental health day. By the end of the day, my throat was scratchy and I felt lousy. I called in on Wednesday, feeling genuinely puny. When Himself called that afternoon, he teased that that's what I get for playing hooky. I guess that'll teach me! (Or not...)


  1. Oh no. I'm so sorry to hear that something big has come up and changed things. =(

  2. What's the old joke - if you want to see God laugh, tell him your plans.

    Sounds like you are thinking level-headed and that's half the battle.

  3. Oh man,I'm sorry to hear things are not going to plan. And then getting REALLY sick on your mental health day. What a kick in the teeth, Violet.

  4. Men really ARE stupid.

    I'm sorry you've been let down. I know how that is.....

  5. Was sad to see that all Texas teams were washed out. Though, as an Aggie, I was not at all sad to see the Longhorns get their butts kicked.