Thursday, March 25, 2010


Stuff 1: I was reprimanded at the grocery store last night. Apparently I was two minutes late in returning from a break last Saturday. Two minutes. *blink*

Stuff 2: Some college football coach (I think) has switched teams and signed a 10-year contract that starts at $450,000 and increases by $25,000 each year. Does anyone anywhere really need that much money? What do you do with that much money?

Stuff 3: I suspect that McDonald's adds something sinister and addictive to their sweet tea. I can't quit it.

Stuff 4: There are plans afoot that involve the Change My Life plan and Himself. I will report more in May.

Stuff 5: Today I miss my sisters. I wish we were sitting together on a hot summer evening, laughing, drinking Mike's Hard Lemonade, and just enjoying each other's presence.

Stuff 6: I am taking tomorrow afternoon off from my real job and don't have to work at the grocery store all weekend. Except for some phone calls I need to make, I don't have any plans from noon tomorrow through Monday morning - what will I do with all that time? Maybe I'll clean. Stop laughing - it could happen!

Stuff 7: As much as I love sun and heat, today's gloomy, rainy, chilly weather is nice, too.

Stuff 8: I have been blogging for almost 18 months and I still don't know how to do a strikethrough or how to format bullets correctly. The bulletlessness I can live with but the strikethroughs tease me from other blogs.

Stuff 9: I love you people!


  1. Yeah, two minutes is about how long it TAKES to blink. That sucks, but the rest of your stuff sounds fine.

    I miss hanging with my sisters too.

  2. Re: Stuff #3

    They do. It's called sugar. LOL

    Catching up on my blog reading. Happy Friday!

  3. The strike outs tease me, too. If I ever figure them out, I'll let you know.
    Two minutes late gets you a talking to? Harsh!
    Enjoy your free weekend! I hope you get balmy weather!

  4. Strikeouts are easy. First put a "<". Then type the word "strike". Then a ">". Then type what you want to type as striked out. Then do another "<" then a "/>"

    Of course, you have to be in "html" mode to get it to work.

    Stuff #6? I'd sleep.

  5. Wait. I was wrong on that last part. The end was "<" then "/" then "strike" then ">".

    Ooops. So much for easy.

  6. I am so looking forward to sunny summer days. I have had enough of these gloomy days here.
    Enjoy your weekend!!

  7. Two minutes late? That's b.s.! :(

    I'm really looking forward to Spring/Summer. :)

    Hope you've enjoyed your weekend. :)

  8. If it makes you feel any better, I had to Google "how to strike out words in my blog" a few months ago...

  9. I hope you had an enjoyable weekend!

  10. You can code the html strike, but there IS a strike-through button on blogger in the Compose mode. It's next to the italic button. It's new-ish.

  11. I love you, too, and I am dying to hear more about number four.

  12. -->First time to your blog!

    To do a strikethrough you add the tag <*del> to the front and <*/del> to the end.

    This text is <*del>scratched<*/del> out!

    (Without the *)