Saturday, February 6, 2010

Snow Plow Stories

I saw this outside Target this morning:

My theory is that the car's owner is an employee of one of the stores nearby. The owner angered the snow plow driver because:

a - she, a David's Bridal employee, jilted him in favor of the Radio Shack manager because he works more predictible hours. Not to mention earns a bigger paycheck, which probably means he will take her to Red Lobster instead of Steak n' Shake for their first date.

b - she, a Dots employee, turned him down when he asked her out, and not in a nice way. Those Dots girls can be a little rough. When she discovered her car buried in snow, she called her brothers. The snow plow driver won't explain the new limp and broken nose to his coworkers.

c - he, the Radio Shack manager, dissed the snow plow, calling it a Tonka truck when the snow plow driver came into the store to buy a universal television remote. He's been feeling a little too big for his britches ever since he was promoted and Miss David's Bridal finally accepted his dinner invitation. He drives a primer-painted 1988 Plymouth Sundance that he plans to get repainted now that he is manager. It will be expensive so he hopes Miss David's Bridal won't mind when he takes her to Steak n' Shake for their first date.

d - she, a coed from the local university, cut him off while she was texting and driving. Ironically, she was texting her friends to tell them to take the Oprah No Phone Zone pledge. She regretted her actions as soon as she emerged from Target, where she purchased a Valentine card that will prove to be a horrible mistake. She doesn't know yet that she will never wear the Dyeables shoes she ordered from David's Bridal that exactly match her dress for the sorority house Valentine formal.

What's your theory?


  1. I have no theory. It looks like they would have had to jack the car up and push the snow under. Hope your weather warms up and starts melting that snow!

  2. Oh this is precious! The picture is a riot, but then your post! I'm going with "b."

  3.'s like this....

    Miss David's Bridal and Mr. Radio Shack have had a thing for quite a little while now. But, on Saturday night, Miss David's Bridal's brothers saw Mr. Radio Shack at the XTC Lounge. Well...he was not behaving the way a man dating THEIR sister should...

    So Miss David's Bridal olders brothers did it with one of their pick up trucks. (They attach a plow in the winter to earn extra money.) What you can't see is that they also let the air out of his front tires so all the weight of the car is resting on the rims.

    Mary Alice