Thursday, July 9, 2009

Grace in Small Things #11 - Family Edition

Actually, none of these are small things - they are people for whom I am so unendingly grateful.

1. Two sisters (look at them, not me - 4th of July was a fun, delightful day but also a bad hair, no makeup, forgot the reduce-the-double-chin pose day)

2. Three nieces (these three are my middle sister's daughters - and weirdly like the three of us in temperament) 3. The twins (my youngest sister's 2-and-almost-half year olds - do you know how hard it is to get two toddlers in the same picture??)


  1. I forget to be thankful for those who love me best...thanks for the reminder!

  2. Very cute kids and you and your sisters look a lot alike!

  3. OMG was that at home?? you all have long sleeve shirts on!! was it cold?

  4. Yeah, seriously. What's with the long sleaves? Haven't we all agreed that I'm the only one allowed to be cold?

  5. Great pictures!
    Your neices and nephew are all adorable!!

    Isn't family the best?

  6. Greenie - Eh, you don’t forget to be thankful, you just don’t phrase it that way. Your appreciation of your loved ones shines through every post on your blog. :)

    Fannie - If you cut our dad’s smile out of a picture, you could pretty much paste it on each of us and it would look just right. :D We do look alike, although the youngest and I used to tease the middle that she was adopted because she is soooo much blonder!

    Trey - we were in southern WI. The 4th was coolish (~70) so long sleeves were definitely in order by the time the fireworks started.

    Replid - I couldn't agree more!

    Stephanie - talk to the hand, girl. And for the record, I had a short-sleeve tshirt on. (The fact that I put a sweater on later is irrelevant.)

    Zel - They are the cutest, smartest, coolest kids ever! :D Family definitely is the best! I hadn’t seen my middle sister or her girls in 18 months so it was a really special time. I miss them like crazy already!