Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Honest Scrap

Cool, my third award! Thanks to Em I now get to lay more honesty on all y'all...

7 Honest Things about Myself

  1. I don't want to be thin. I would like to be less fat than I am now, but I do not aspire to a size 10, let alone a celery-crunching size 2. I would rather enjoy my days as a BBW than spend my life on a treadmill to meet a social standard. I like my curves, I like my *ahem* ample assets, I like the softness of my body. I also like cake.

  2. I feel that loving and marrying a man who loves me will complete my life. I know I'm not supposed to feel that way, that I should feel complete all by myself. Well, I believe that I am programmed for quiet, domestic happiness and there will be a piece missing until I get there. And I will get there.

  3. The only reason I consider going back to college to complete a bachelor's degree is to earn more money. I'm perfectly happy working 9-5 at my civil service job, I just wish I made a bit more money doing it.

  4. I don't think Daniel Craig is hot. I don't even think he is good looking. I also do not get the appeal of Sean Connery - he's just a really old Scottish dude. Roger Moore was the best James Bond. (wait - was that three honest things??)

  5. I detest olives. They just taste like rubbery orbs of salt to me. My momma brought me up right, so I will generally eat what is served me, but olives are one of the very few foods I can't choke down.

  6. I haven't vacuumed my house since March. Well, to be really honest, my mom did it when she was here (because I was recovering from knee surgery). Yes, it needs to be done...and it will. Probably on June 26. Because my sister and her family will be here June 27. And while I'm airing my dirty house laundry, I haven't dusted this house since I moved in last July. And I'm totally fine with that.

  7. I love having long hair. I had very short hair for years and years and decided about 2-1/2 years ago to grow it out. It's just past my shoulders now, and it's not long enough yet. I'm not always happy with the style, but I revel in the way it feels on my neck and shoulders, the way it blows in a breeze, the fact that I can put it in a ponytail or up in a clip or let it flow around my face. I am, I'm told, a very tactile person and I LOVE running my fingers through my own hair.
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  1. OMG I'm getting hives over here. I vacuum and dust about once a week and I have a CLEANING SERVICE that comes in on Thursdays. I wish I could let it go. OCD much?

  2. I think it's perfectly reasonable to want a helpmate/partner in life. I believe all creatures are wired that way to some degree (humans more than fish). Hmmm...may have to google Roger Moore now...
    yes, olives = Ick.

  3. I am so impressed that you are happy with yourself. I know too many people who beat themselves up to try to become an image that is portrayed in magazines, movies etc!

    I think housework is overrated!

    Having a partner in life is very comforting.

  4. ahhhhhhh......

    Although I am acquiring a taste for olives. ;-)

  5. I LOVE that you haven't dusted in a year! I detest dusting. I do it, for the most part, but there are little spots in the apartment that I ignore. Like the ceiling fan. And I kind of smile to myself every time I walk by the damn thing. Like I'm giving the finger to the cleaning gods. Bastards.

    And, are you kidding me? I love being tagged! ;)

  6. I love your sense of confidence and self appreciation, and how I wish I didn't care about the vacuuming and dust. What a time and stress saver. I wonder how long I could go without tackling either. You've given me an idea.

  7. Wow, I'm totally with you on 1, 2 and 4! Thanks for the tag, this will be one of my blogs this week!!!

  8. I like cake too. :)

    The last time I cleaned was right before guests too - in fact, I did a whole post on it, that's how much I don't do it!

    Thanks for the tag - I'll be doing it later this week!

  9. Dammit, I forgot to do this, this week. Note to self...blog this next week!

  10. be careful on number 2. Truely.....if this were to come from a close friend you might just tell them the same thing. Living for such a dream is dangerous...complete yourself first.....love is rare, broken marriages are easily found. Which are you going to be happy with....?

  11. You are sexy and stunning so get Fitness Labs, Fat & Carb Erase just the best invention ever, Take a few and eat cake, they work and are totally safe. Less weight strains your perfect knees less, you deserve to be all that is imaginable. Check out Real Age, its incredible what you can learn there. Love the hair commitment, men LOVE long hair. Heard Oprah's Dr. Oz say that all the dust in our homes is our dead skin. After years of neglect I cleaned up - it is easier to breathe. When the sun shines in it doesn't highlight a dust stream like before. Stated using Static Guard, I found it keeps dust from sticking and collecting as much as before. Any help is welcome, and it oddly works.
    Also got a Roomba, it takes care of all the spots I forget, so much easier, just amazing.

  12. I double dog dare you to even consider taking a carb blocker and then eat cake and i promise you will not lose 5 lbs. period.

  13. f1trey
    I'm so hypothyroid for ten years and they truly work. In the last year I went from a size 16 to a size 12, no kidding. Nobody was more surprised than me. Donated all my bigger duds to Bottomless Closet. I take them cause they don't mix with my meds before all my usual meals and they have been a life saver. Even my mr dropped 15 lbs while we were on holiday and he is stunned. I couldn't eat all the food each day without them. But maybe its my screwed up metabolism, so grateful they work for me. Genuinely sorry if similar products have failed. I hated the decades I couldn't lose. A pal was using them successfully for IBS. I gave them a try. Maybe one day they won't work, hope not. Thanks for the heads up.

  14. @ anonymous not trying to offend! promise! I just know people are goaded into things that do not work....i have friends that go "i take the stairs" and they still weigh 200lbs...they buy low fat dressing and go ..i ate a salad for three weeks and it didnt work......I worked out 20 minutes 3 times a week and i guess i just cant lose weight......'I BOUGHT THESE PILLS USED THE WHOLE BOTTLE...." they lost 5 lbs water weight ..think its real and still quit cuz the results (5 lbs /month ) mean they would need a fucking 2 year program to get the weight off...im sick of people being lied to and lying to themselves about how to lose weight....they cheat like a bunch no will power babies and then claim they cant do it....if you want to lose weight....work out every day for AT least an hour...cut your calories to the bone and dont give me any flack about how thats dangerous or you will just put it back on..... whats better? a failed diet that takes 6 f**in months that you cant stick to or scrap your plans to watch CSI and run like dog... no athelete i ever met said...."I take the stairs" or "this pill will make you lose weight" you cant tell someone to take a pill...so my offer still stands....i double dog dare her to take a carb blocker....heck take 10 of them every meal....eat cake and see if she drops ANYTHING......reality trumps marketing.....Peace! Sorry about the hypothyroid thing......

  15. Wow reality does bite, it did me, many times.
    I take six pills only before I eat something that I know my slowed metabolism will struggle with. But I eat very low carb healthy all the time. I dont take the pills when I eat anything beneficial, salads, salmon etc. I have the hypothyroid extreme version, Hashimoto's disease. Its an immune system thingy. It caused my own immune system to attack my body parts at times. Like create rashes, wart spread, psoriasis or make my hair fall out now and then. Had to buy wigs. No fun whatsoever. Maybe I should stop the pills and see what will happens. Although I have kinda liked being able to fit into size 8 jeans and all 10 bottoms easily. Its really changed my level of self esteem and I noticed immediately how people react to me. I can all to easily recall how I was invisible to folks when heavier, men , women it didn't matter. At a counter where ever I was treated like I was invisible and that sucked. But I just did a little google on carb blockers and its all very conflicting, medical versus government. Appreciate your candor and honesty. Thanks.